Sunday, July 17, 2011

New breech maneuvers

I learned several new vaginal breech maneuvers this weekend from Dr. J. Peter O'Neill, including

the Vanna White Maneuver
("Don't put this on YouTube," he'd say with a graceful sweep of his arm)

the Getting Off a Horse Maneuver

the Pringle Chip Maneuver

Learning breech birth has never been so much fun. More details forthcoming, but I wanted to say that Dr. O'Neill was a phenomenal teacher, physician, and person. I've found a new Dr. Wonderful*. If you live in Kingston, Ontario, you are lucky to have access to him.

* Other Dr. Wonderfuls include Andrew Kotaska, Robert Biter, and family practice physician "doctorjen". 


  1. I would so love to attend this lecture! Will recordings be available?

  2. Yes, we're hoping to make his and Betty-Anne's sessions available.

  3. I look forward to learning how these maneuvers work in action!

  4. I'm looking forward to hearing more about these maneuvers!

    Half the battle is a catchy title or abbreviation for a helpful maneuver so it will stick in your mind when you need it. Sounds like he's well on his way!

    Hope they do make videos available of these sessions. Not everyone can travel to these conferences so if they can't bring the conferences everywhere, a video is the next best thing.

  5. There are some amazing breech videos (all homebirths) on Lisa Barret's website. She is a midwife in Australia who is an expert on breech delivery- anyone who wants to learn about the basics of breech should take a look;


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