Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Laselle Kegel Exerciser: Review #1

I am posting a series of 5 reviews of the Intimina Laselle Kegel Exerciser. I've decided to break the reviews up because most of them are quite detailed. In addition, each reviewer has different underlying pelvic floor issues.

Besides evaluating the Laselle device, the reviews addressed problems that normally remain hush-hush. But these issues are ones many women will face, some because of pregnancy or birth, others from underlying malformations, others from age.

If you have a pelvic floor issue--pain, uterine prolapse, constant aching, incontinence, or rectocele/cystocele--you are not alone. Don't be afraid to speak up, to ask questions, and to seek solutions!

Laselle Review #1: Kate

I am a 26-year-old woman who has had 7 pregnancies. Four were live births; three were first-trimester miscarriages. I have been sexually active for 8 years.

I began to notice pelvic floor issues in the weeks following the birth of my fourth child. Sometimes I would bend over and it would feel like there was something about to fall out of my vagina. Within a few months, my cycle resumed and when I would try to use tampons, it was almost impossible to get them inserted because there was no room to get them in. If I did manage to find a way to insert a tampon, it would fall out within minutes. Depending on cervical positioning during my cycle, there were times when my husband and I could have intercourse successfully, but mostly, it was impossible. And although orgasm has always come easily to me, these pelvic floor issues left me completely unable to have an orgasm for nearly 12 months.

Then there was the leaking urine. It was constant. So constant that my perineum and bottom were always sore from the burns of leaking urine. Shortly before I was given the opportunity to review this product, my family practice doctor recommended I have surgery to repair a first to second degree uterine prolapse. I could reach my cervix before even getting beyond the first knuckle of my finger and my cervix was open to about 4cm.

I scheduled an evaluation with a gynecological surgeon, and their review of my case left them wanting to schedule surgery immediately. The Laselle was my last attempt at a more natural approach to salvaging my pelvic floor before submitting to surgery.

I began using the exerciser for 12-hour periods of time. At first, I had to reach a couple of fingers into my vagina to make space to insert it, but it never fell out. Sometimes I wouldn't notice it at all and I never noticed it when bending or lifting. Other times, it would feel like a weight in my vagina and would give my pelvic floor an achy feeling. One of the claims of the product is that it's there to remind you to Kegel around it, thus strengthening your pelvic floor - but since I rarely even felt it inside me, it wasn't really possible. I wore it for several weeks and would occasionally skip a day to give my pelvic floor a rest.

I knew this product was life-changing within 18 hours of initially using it. My husband and I attempted intercourse, and for the first time in 10 months, there was resistance and tightness in my vagina. (A true celebration!) Within three weeks, I had an evaluation with a gynecological surgeon. At that appointment, we were evaluating how much of my pelvic floor could be salvaged and as he did the exam, he couldn't even find any evidence of prolapse!!! (Rixa, I know you hate multiple exclamation points, but this deserves celebration!)

In the last month, I have been able to experience orgasms in the same capacity as I did in my *cough* younger years, and after almost a year of going without, I am satisfied once more. Beyond that, for the first time ever I have been able to experience orgasm from *only* the rhythm of intercourse, without any other kind of stimulation, which has been amazing for my husband and me.

I plan to keep using this as I see/feel the need to. Definitely not in the time capacities as I did early on, but enough to keep my pelvic floor nice and toned.

My results were most likely a combination of a great product and pouring my heart out in prayer, asking my Heavenly Father to heal my body. The timing was divine and I credit faith and the talents of women in giving me a non-surgical way to fix a uterine prolapse.

And I don't even pee my pants anymore. I am no longer competing with my children to try and get to the toilet the quickest. I can actually hold it. And my perineum has been urine-burn-free for more than a month.

I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone looking to improve their pelvic floor - from mild to more serious issues. Any way to avoid serious surgery is certainly worth a try! I have already recommended this to my nearly 60-year-old friend who is dealing with uterine prolapse and bladder issues. She was so happy to put in an order because it is *so* inexpensive. $12 versus a $10,000 surgery?

Lastly, I was the recipient of the Intimina Feminine Moisturizer. I may be admitting this for the first time ever, but I am a lube snob. I live just minutes away from a specialty lingerie shop where they have all the high quality lubricants, and I know what works well and what doesn't. The Intimina lubricant is THE BEST lubricant I have ever used. It is silky smooth, never feels freezing cold, and enhances intercourse, rather than making it soggy. If it gets anywhere else on my skin, it only needs to be rubbed in, not wiped off, as it leaves no sticky or oily residue.

Having said all this - THANK YOU for giving me this opportunity! It's time for me to climb into bed with my Valentine............and our co-sleeping baby.



  1. I bought Laselle on CVS after I read the post you made about Intimina some months ago - and I totally agree with Kate, this device is a 5 star product!

  2. What a timely post. I have been wondering how these reviews would turn out, as I would like to try something to resolve my own issues. Thanks! And please don't hold out too long with the other reviews!


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