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Laselle Kegel Exerciser: Review #5

Laselle Review #5
by Jenna of That Wife Blog

When I wrote Rixa asking to review the Laselle Kegel Exerciser I was practically begging. Bladder problems and issues "down there" have always been a bit of an issue for me. When I was 4 years old my mom started taking me to specialists, because I didn't have any control of my bladder. They actually put me under general anesthesia to run some tests and some dyes through me to try to understand what was going wrong. At 7, I was put under again and had surgery on my bladder. I wore pull-ups at night until was 9 years old because my muscles were so weak and I couldn't control them at night. I was only potty trained after I used a special pair of underwear to sleep each night, with a buzzer put in the crotch that would go off whenever I started to pee. During high school I was diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, which not only gave me bladder pain from acidic foods, it made holding any urine in my bladder almost unbearable, and I was constantly attempting to find a bathroom to relieve myself. Surgery helped solve that for me, but that time period certainly didn't help develop any muscle tone in that area.

Since that time, things have been better (I don't pee the bed anymore, hooray!) but control over my muscles down there has always been an area of weakness. During exercise, I have almost none and always have wet underpants when I finish working out. Yeah, I know it's unappealing to admit, but it's just part of my life, you know? After pregnancy, things got a little bit worse or me, but they were always bad enough that I didn't notice that much of a difference. I recently went to a doctor who put his hand at the opening of my vagina and asked me to flex my Kegel muscles. It took me several tries just to figure out what I needed to do to make that happen!

And all of that is why I was so interested in using the Kegel Exerciser. I will first say that I dislike the white colored string on the ball, because if you insert it near the beginning/end of your menstrual cycle the string will turn a dull reddish-brown color from the blood on your vaginal walls. I wish they had made the string a dark brown or black. Happily, that is the only criticism I have for this product. It was easy to insert (they provided a container of lubricant to use if I needed it) and as long as it is inserted high enough I can't even feel it.

The first day I put it in, it kept falling out. When riding in the elevator, walking up stairs, exercising. I was constantly finding the nearest bathroom and pushing it back up. Two days later, I couldn't even keep it in. I suspect that my muscles were tired from holding it? I've been wearing it for over two weeks now though, and the last few days I have almost forgot that it was there. I think my muscles are already stronger! It's hollow and has an inside element that kind of swishes around when you move, which reminds me to practice strengthening those muscles consciously throughout the day. I received the 38g/1.3 oz exerciser. Eventually I'd actually like to move up to the 48g size and work those muscles even more.

I definitely think it is worth the $12.99. I plan to buy the heavier (48g/1.7 oz) version as well.


Available at CVS stores and online.


  1. I have read all the reviews and I'm amazed! Sometimes miracles do happen, and these great yet wonderfully affordable devices really work. Can't wait to have some of my own - I want to work out those muscles too!

    Thanks a lot for posting these reviews, they really make a difference!

  2. I really appreciate that you presented this product. I have stress urinary incontinence problems and I considered surgery, but after I started researching more in-depth this topic I came across some news about bladder sling failures and I decided to try some other, more natural treatment methods. Kegel exercises are proved to help a lot with incontinence problems. I'm so going to try these. Thank you so much for sharing.


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