Friday, February 24, 2012

Laselle Kegel Exerciser: Review #3

Laselle Review #3: Laura

I have a cystocele and uterine prolapse. I have had 5 babies vaginally - some medicated and some natural. Two of those births, I had episiotomies (babies #1 & #2). Two, I tore (babies #3 & #4) and one I gave birth over an intact perineum (baby #5). My biggest side effects from this injury at this point in my life is stress incontinence when exercising and uncomfortable intercourse at times because of the bladder pressure and cervix sensitivity.

I used the Laselle exerciser once a day for 10 minutes each time for one month.

I have not noticed any difference at all. I found the device to be uncomfortable even after wearing it for weeks on end. It felt like it was irritating to my bladder. I found that I felt like I always needed to go to the bathroom when it was in. I would not recommend it to others.


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  1. Have you read any of Christine Kent's work? Whole Woman™ posture and related exercises and info is worth checking out~


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