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Laselle Kegel Exerciser: Review #4

Laselle Review #4: Kathryn

I'm thirty years old and have four small children. When my husband and I decided we would like to have our children close in age I didn't know I could be dealing with issues that I was only vaguely familiar with and I thought were "old lady issues"; something that happened after menopause, not a worry for a twenty-something with a few small kids.

All of my babies have been on the larger side. I think that may have a little to do with the pelvic floor weakness I have experienced. My first was 8 lbs 4 oz, the next two 9 lbs, and my little guy, who is 13 mos now, was 10 lbs 4oz at birth (my first waterbirth, and I'm so thankful he was!) I also grew up with a chronic deep cough from allergies. I was recently reading an article about prolapse and realizing how this may have put me at a disadvantage from the start, causing weakness to my pelvic floor as I was growing up.

In the weeks after my third birth, I experienced a sense of bulging from my vagina. I found it very upsetting and humiliating. If I spent much time on my feet during the day I was just miserable, not only with physical discomfort, but the mental devastation of feeling that I was "broken" and "ruined". I honestly didn't know if I'd ever be able to have enjoyable sex (for either party) again, much less have another baby without my parts falling right out of me! (These fears seemed huge and scary to me!) After a few weeks of this, I tearfully confessed to my husband my fears and physical state. He was comforting and encouraging. For months I was back and forth between believing I would, in fact be ok, and being embarrassed and feeling that I had somehow caused this.

From my own research, I have found that I have issues all around... My worst is the front, cycstocele (bladder prolapse) and urethracele (urethra prolapse) but I have a small rectocele and I think my uterus may be dropping slightly to the front, but that may just be the bladder (which seems to be the worst of it). I've seen great improvement over the last few years with changes to my posture, Kegel exercises and caution not to lift heavy items, though I often still have the sense of bulging. I had come to believe that for me (and probably many women for a variety of reasons) this is something that just has to be lived with. I desire to keep my body strong and healthy. I would like to have a couple more children and be able to live an active life, so I do believe that being proactive in strengthening these muscles is important.

I didn't know much about Kegel exercisers such as this, but I remembered reading something online about how this was an option for strengthening these muscles. I was so excited to receive this product for review! I received the Laselle Kegel exerciser. It is available in three sizes; I received the middle size: 1.3 oz. It's a small pink silicone ball with a short cord. I was determined to start right away (hoping a little for at least semi-miraculous results)! I read through the product pamphlet that came with it and chuckled at the note that "as with any workout, you do not want to push your body too much and too soon." I thought I'd give it an hour or so, and really expected that I would wear it much longer. Was I surprised when right about a half hour I was really "feeling it"--the workout, that is! I could definitely tell my muscles were getting a work out, and I was surprised that I actually decided that was enough for one morning! I continued the next day and went a bit longer than a half an hour, but I would only wear it just a little past the point that my muscles were really feeling the workout. I was excited about this.

My youngest was just about to turn a year and I continued to breastfeed, but I had it in the back of my mind that I may turn up pregnant soon. We were hoping to add one more to our growing little family and this was about the time that nursing no longer kept my cycle away. After nearly two weeks of this new exerciser a friend suggested that I take a pregnancy test since my baby turned a year and my cycle had still not returned.

Well, we are indeed expecting another! The instructions in the product pamphlet say to discontinue use when pregnant. I stopped using it right away, but with great results! With my last pregnancy I felt so miserable in the beginning. I was very uncomfortable with a "bulging" feeling in my vagina constantly until about 16 weeks. This time, I really think the Laselle is to thank! I have not experienced the same discomfort since I have begun using this product. I have had a couple of really busy days mostly on my feet, that I would have avoided before, knowing the uncomfortable consequences that would follow. On the day following those days, I experienced only mild discomfort. Now, even after not using the product for about three weeks (since my positive test), I am very comfortable! I feel strong and confident that I am not broken and I have a great option for keeping those muscles in shape. I am looking forward to using it again to strengthen my pelvic floor after the arrival of this little one! Next time I will have more than just a couple weeks, and I expect to see even greater results!

I would absolutely recommend this product to anyone experiencing pelvic floor weakness. I am usually reserved about talking about "private" matters, but for this I would speak up in a heartbeat. So many women, like me, experience these challenges and are intimidated about speaking up or hopeless that there is something that will really work. Well, this has for me! Although I certainly still have symptoms and have significant prolapse issues, I am not experiencing the discomfort that I was before. I am thrilled with this product and can't say enough good things! Thanks to Intimina and Rixa for the opportunity to review this great product!


Available at CVS stores and online.


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