Thursday, January 18, 2007

Padded pouch sling instructions

What you need:
  • fabric: 23” wide and approx 60” long. I prefer to use medium weight woven fabrics. You can use ones with a slight bit of stretch—just make sure the more stretchy part goes crosswise across the rectangle, rather than lengthwise. Some people also make these out of fleece, although I don’t have experience working with that fabric
  • thread
  • some cotton or polyester batting, approximately 24” long and 4” wide

1. Measure from the outside of your shoulder, to the opposite hip. The measurement should be somewhere between 20-30 inches.

2. Trim your fabric to be exactly 23” wide. Fold the length of fabric in half lengthwise, then in half crosswise. Line up the 2 folded edges on the bottom and left.

3. Add about 4” to your measurement. Mark that number (A) on the bottom folded edge.

4. Draw a gentle curve upwards from that mark 3” inwards, and 11 ½” upwards, to point B. Leave the last inch straight, to make hemming easier.

5. Cut along the curved line. When you unfold your fabric, it will make a long rectangle with gently curved ends.

6. Join the curved ends with a French seam:

Put WRONG sides together, matching the curved ends. Sew a ¼” seam. Press open, then flip to the other side. Then sew RIGHT sides together with a 3/8” seam. Press the seam to one side. Stitch the seam down near the edge—this gives the seam extra strength.

7. Hem one of the edges of fabric: press ¼”, turn again and press 3/8”, then stitch.

8. On the other unhemmed edge, press the edge under about ¾”. Fold the batting so it makes a long roll about 1” wide. I usually make my batting between 20-24” long. Center the batting strip on the French seam. Tuck under the ironed edge, then fold the edge and the batting over again and pin in place. Stitch across and up the sides of the batting to hold in place.

9. Press and stitch the rest of the padded edge.

10. For wearing instructions, go to


  1. Thanks, Rixa. This will be helpful, if I ever get to have another kidlet. I sure am hoping, though. :)

  2. A quick comment about sizing these right: you want them to fit quite snugly when the baby is in, but if it's too tight you will have a very hard time getting the baby in! I only added 3" to my torso measurement, and I think the sling is a bit too small. Zari gets cranky when I am trying to stuff her in. That's why I suggested adding around 4". You could add more, and then try it on for size before hemming the edges. However, if it ended up too big, you'd either have to unpick & redo the French seam (major pain) or add another French seam somewhere else along the sling to take it in.

  3. wow!!! thanks a million!!!

  4. This is awesome! I bought a hotsling that is great, but not a pattern I'm fond of wearing. Now I can make my own and not have to spend a lot of extra money!


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