Thursday, January 25, 2007

Time lapse pictures

While I was editing some photos for Zari's memory book, I put together "time lapse" pictures of my growing belly. Here are ones starting at about 27 weeks pregnant (i.e., 25 weeks gestation). The very last picture was taken 3 days before Zari was born.

27.2, 30.5, & 33 weeks pregnant

34.3, 35.4, & 37.4 weeks


  1. :D
    Rixa, where did you hide her?
    I'm 25 weeks and my belly now looks about as big as your 34-35 week shots... but I don't remember showing this much with my first, either. I just wish I'd take more pics then... or now.
    *off to take belly picture*

  2. I was thinking the same thing :) I love your time-lapse, but I can't believe a 7-pounder fit in there! I have a feeling I'll be working to take off this baby weight much longer than either of the girls'! I kinda packed it on early this time...*sigh*

  3. I think I'm tall enough that the baby kind of hid in there! Well, I am still 10 lbs above my pre-pregnancy weight (has been that way since about 10 days postpartum). Sigh...I thought breastfeeding was supposed to help you lose the baby weight! LOL

    Well, I also have been fairly sedentary since the birth. I started walking Zeke after 1 month, once I didn't feel sore anymore. I just started swimming again this week, and I finally got new running shoes (my old ones were half fallen apart) and once it warms up a bit I hope to start running on the days I don't swim. It's not that I'm overly concerned with my appearance, but I would like to get back to my normal size, as many of my pants and skirts don't quite fit.

  4. Hi Rixa,

    I just want you to know how wonderful your blog is and that your sharing has been so inspirational for a not only me but a few of the women I serve also. Thanks.

    In addition I wanted to share that I have gone back to school to get my MSW. I am continuing to serve families and hope this additional education will create more options and flexibility for me as I continue to work as a midwife and birthkeeper.

    I am currently taking a social welfare policy class and am participation in a group project. This small group of women has agreed to direct or project toward midwifery practice in Iowa. So we will be doing a Formal Social Policy Analysis as well as developing a Constituency Lobbing Packet. I have contacted Melanie M. and will be getting a hold of some of the legislative initiative material compiled during our push for legalization in 1999 & 2000. I also had heard that you were writing your dissertation on midwifery practice I Iowa and was wondering if we could chat sometime and/or if you would be up for sharing some info with me related to any historical, legal or other information you have discovered.

    Blessings and warmth for you and your loved ones,

    brenda burke
    decorah, ia

  5. Hi Brenda! Yes, we should chat. Feel free to call me any time. I will email you my phone number.

    My dissertation project has since changed into looking at unassisted birth, but I have a ton of information about midwifery in Iowa, plus several papers I wrote on that topic. So I think I could be useful for your project.
    I think getting a MSW would be a great fit for you. Good luck with this.


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