Thursday, January 04, 2007

Then & Now

Pictures of Zari, side by side, at 5 days and 65 days (9 weeks 2 days) old. I measured the flag and tabs on the diapers to make sure the pictures were scaled correctly. I can't believe how much she has grown!

She has grown 4" and gained 4 or 5 pounds since she was born.


  1. such a big girl!!!! I love her little belly realyl is a button isn't it!? What a sweet sweet girl you have.

  2. Yeah, she has a HUUUGE outie right now. It's pretty cute. It might also be a bit of an umbilical hernia, but the family doc wasn't sure.

    It's funny--she looks enormous compared to her newborn pictures, but she's actually a pretty average size: 11 or 12 pounds right now. But when she was born she very little fat on her.

  3. wow, she's a doll!!!!

  4. I want one! Oh wait, I have one...but mine is smaller. =)


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