Friday, January 19, 2007


I cut apart a few of our old t-shirts and turned them into summer onesies for Zari. We'll be working in France again this summer, so we thought we'd make Zari her own "staff" shirts, to match ours!

I bought a onesie pattern and modified it to have a bottom snap crotch opening, rather than snaps going down the front.


  1. Wow, Rixa. I am constantly amazed by your ingenuity! These look really cute :) (and by the way, thanks for the baby guess - hope you didn't mind my link to your page).

  2. No, I don't mind at all. Note that I put a link to your page on my own!

  3. Neato! I never thought of that before. Man, if I ever have another baby, he's gonna have some ROCKIN' onesies! :P


  4. very cute! and thanks for the link. I just realized it when I noticed a lot of traffic from your page!

  5. so cute! what a marvelous idea. i have some old tee's of karls i'll have to modify. i think i have a similar pattern in my Kwiksew for Babies book...



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