Monday, January 29, 2007

Sad baby

Something is hurting Zari, but we can't figure out what. No fever, no congestion, no rash, no outward signs of any illness or injury. But she seems very sensitive around her ears and the back of her head, and she cries like crazy if she gets bumped there. I've been spending most of yesterday and today nursing her. So things might be a bit calm around the blog for a while...


  1. Rixa, I hope you are able to figure out what it is soon. I'm not sure there is anything worse than having your baby hurt, and you can't figure out why, or you can't make it better. Good luck. She has a good mama, and I'm sure you'll figure it out.

  2. Ooh, poor baby, and poor mama too! I hope it either goes away soon or you can figure out what it is that's hurting her...there's nothing worse than not knowing what's making your baby sad! :(


  3. Could she have an ear infection? Elle had one once with similar symptoms. I got some pressure point massage info through Bran's school that seemed to help. Let me know if you'd like it.

  4. yes, please send me the info!

  5. often teething can cause ear pain. my oldest had a tooth by 3 months, it is not uncommon. also, much of the pain of teething occurs before you ever see a tooth. things to look for are red or hot cheeks at times, a slight fever, drooling, angry crying, upset bowels/ bowel movements (from the excess saliva). there are may homeopathic remedies on the market including Hyland's an d Boiron's just for kids lines.

    it could be an ear infection, in which case you can heal it without antibiotics. but such infections arent common in breastfed babies.


  6. BTW, I learned a really cool trick for ear infections this week. A friend of mine takes a couple tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil and adds a couple cloves of peeled, halved garlic to it. She lets it sit for a few hours, and then puts two drops into her kid's ears whenever they complain that it hurts. Then she has them lie down for a few minutes so the oil will stay put. Apparently the oil helps with the pain, and the garlic is an antibiotic.

    Last week Josh was suffering from ear pain and had a fever or 103 degrees. I was desperate for any relief for him since he had already had 5 seizures in the past day or so from the pain and fever. I tried this method, and it worked like a charm. Voila, no more ear pain or fevers.

    Thought I'd share....

  7. Thanks for the tip; I'll dfefinitely try that.

  8. Most insurance plans have a 1(800) number that you can call anytime that connects you with a nurse.

    I would really recommend seeing if this is offered with your insurance. The nurses listen to your problem and then offer advice (if it is serious, if you really should see a doctor, what you can do on your own, etc).

    When I hurt my neck and couldn't move my head for a few days, I finally called and they recommended constant heat and pressure. They said it was not serious and that it should get better in a day or two.

    It was an easy way to get a medical opinion that was free and very helpful. I no one wants to run to the hospital everytime something happens, so this is a great way to get some sound advice without having the hassle or the cost.


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