Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Urgent--searching for vaginal breech providers in Nova Scotia

I was just contacted by a couple from Halifax expecting their first baby, due August 2nd. The baby is frank breech and they have been unable to find a doctor willing to do a vaginal breech birth. If anyone knows a provider in Nova Scotia willing to attend a primip frank breech, please let me know ASAP!


  1. Unfortunately there are no midwifery services available in Halifax at present. I believe it's against the protocols of the IWK (the maternity hospital) to do vaginal breech deliveries.

    Your emailer may want to contact the midwives in Lunenburg / Queens to see if they are willing / able.

    In Lunenburg and Queens County:
    South Shore Community Midwives
    Maren Dietze & Leslie Niblett
    144a Dufferin Street
    Bridgewater, NS
    Tel 902 527 5087
    Fax 902 543 6467

  2. If they can't provide these services, they need to refer her to someone who can, even if that means flying her to another province. Here in Vancouver there is a breech clinic http://www.powertopush.ca/ and I think there is one in ontario. They have someone who can deliver breech on-call at all times. She should look into it and may have to be a bit pushy (I love puns) to get what she wants.

  3. Rixa, this same couple contacted us at Mothers of Change and we were able to put them in touch with several care providers in NS who were open to breech vaginal birth. I hope they contact us again to let us know whether their search (and vaginal birth!) was ultimately successful! I put it out on our FB page and one of our board members sent out a message to a listserve she is a part of with OBs and midwives across Canada and she had several responses.

    If we hear back I will let you know! =)


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