Wednesday, February 14, 2024

I promised myself that I wouldn't stay up too late. So here's my quick post for today.

I did just a little work in the shower area. My dad and I hung up the other glass sliding door. Then we cut a few pieces of the wood that will box in the utility lines. Lots of head-scraching, measuring, making templates, etc.

I was going to go running, but I had to wait for someone to come pick up ski boots. By time that happened, it was halfway through the morning so I just started my day without exercise. I know I should, and I like how I feel the rest of the day. But sometimes it's hard to give up the time because I have so much else that I need to be doing!

The girls all had soccer. I took a walk with Eric in the later afternoon. He needed to find some pants or jeans. It was so gorgeous out! Ack, why am I stuck indoors all day


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