Friday, February 16, 2024

Showers and street concerts

We have a shower! I am just about to go try it out. The kids approve--a few have already used it.

We still have to install boards underneath to hide the all the other things in that room. But hey, one thing done!

There was a great street concert tonight at the art gallery across from us.

I got yelled at by a guy who I had double-parked behind (there are a few spots where it's common to double park; you leave your phone number on the dashboard and they call if they need to get out. Common practice here in Old Nice). But this guy was furious. I knew I was going to get a very French yelling as soon as he called.

I won't repeat all the things he said, but one of them was, "Next time you park behind me, I'm going to run my car into yours and I'm going to break your windows! Are you ok with that?" I said, "No, I'm not ok with that. That's not very nice."

He kept going but I just got in the car and told him again that it wasn't very nice to say he was going to smash my windows in and that I did not agree to it. Anyway that was definitely the most exciting part of my day.


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