Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Ski week in Chamonix, Day 4: More clouds!

We thought we would have a mostly sunny day, but instead we had clouds most of the day. They moved a lot--sometimes lower, sometimes higher, but never entirely gone.

But it was a great ski day anyway. We had a few runs where we couldn't see anything.

In the afternoon, we traversed and then hiked waaaay high in order to find fresh powder with no ski tracks.

Eric thinks he may have cracked a rib 2 days ago. He was traversing on top of some big boulders along a very narrow path and his skis slipped off. He fell onto a big boulder, bounced off it, and then landed in the powder. It hurts a lot when he sneezes, does jumps, lies on it, etc.

Zari was feeling under the weather this morning, but she still came and ended up staying the whole day.

My parents went on a few hikes today. One of them ended up having too much snow--they would have needed snowshoes or crampons.


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