Saturday, February 17, 2024

Most of my day was taken up with soccer, bringing Ivy and her teammate to their game in Villeneuve Loubet. Unfortunately, her team did not play well at all and they lost 2-6. But it was a beautiful sunny day and I enjoyed the enforced relaxation.

Meanwhile Inga had a game at Cavigal that my parents attended. Her team won 4-1, with Inga scoring a beautiful header.

I left Zari and Dio with instructions to a) fold the laundry and b) go outside and get some exercise and fresh air.

Once were all back home in the late afteroon, we had fun watching lots of Doctor Who, eating dinner, and then playing games/talking. I made a chocolate tart for Dio's game and potluck, to which we are all invited. He won't be playing in it, even though his coach wants him to, because he's considered a "mid-year transfer" and they can only play one transfer at a time. The other transfer is their main goalie. But the whole team is invited, and families, for the game and picnic.

I thought this poster at Ivy's game was funny, and a bit sad. Evidently there's enough of a problem with the soccer dads that they had to make a poster!


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