Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Lots of work on the book, a little work on the shower door. We stopped when we had to silicone a threshhold piece. In theory, our shower faucet arrives tomorrow...we'll see if that actually happens.

Ivy has some funny boy drama at school. Someone in her grade asked her, via a note, if she would be "en couple" with him. The note said to check yes or no. She created a third option and wrote a long paragraph explaining that she's way too young to be having couple relationships and that's it's nothing personal--she would say that to anyone who asked. I was cracking up as she described what she wrote.

Also there was some stinky drama involving a kid in her class--half 5th graders and half 1st graders--who pooped in his pants and it smeared all down his leg and he was showing it to everyone and then throwing his pencil case and disrupting everything.

Zari is busy memorizing more things for her geopolitics class. I don't like how much rote memorization there is here. Now I know lots about the evoultion of suffrage in France, from antiquity to the mid-1960s. I have to follow along as she practices reciting these long passages.


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