Thursday, April 04, 2024

Danger zone

Most of my day was super non exciting work...however I broke up the tedium of book editing by putting myself in dangerous situations.

Just kidding, it only felt dangerous standing on the windowsill on the 3rd floor to paint the exterior window...because I had my climbing harness on and attached to a heavy beam!

I applied the decorative nails to the exterior of the door today. Eric prepped the huge iron straps. I also finished painting the WC and electrical cupboard doors. They can go up tomorrow.

The pace of my days has been accelerating as I'm trying to meet the self-imposed book deadline (next week) as well as getting ready for almost a month of teaching and traveling.

I managed to get outside once today to go on a walk.

Ivy was sick so she stayed home from school: headache, dizziness, general malaise, although no fever. She definitely looked like a pale imitation of her normal self.

Time to get some sleep!


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