Saturday, April 13, 2024


We arrived yesterday afternoon in Wroclaw, Poland. By time we unpacked, checked out the conference rooms, got ready for teaching, ate dinner, etc, I didn't have much time for anything else! I also got my US taxes sent off, which was no small feat.

However, I did prioritize some time yesterday to take a nice 5 km walk around the Old Town.

Yesterday's dinner was mushroom pierogi and then a cutlet of pork with potato dumplings, beets, and creamy pickles. Yum!!

Today's dinner was a salad and beets from a local grocery store. I was too exhausted to want to go to a restaurant. I took the food back to the hotel garden and enjoyed my meal outdoors.

We had a full day of teaching a sold-out group, mostly OBs and a few midwives and midwifery students. They were an amazing group, like those in Berlin. They were so well-prepared and had great questions. I found myself saying, "That's a very good question! I will need to look that up or think about it more because I've never seen an answer in the literature."

I asked the morning group of attendees to help "push" the baby under my direction. It was very helpful to give my shoulder a break. I did a bit more of the pushing in the afternoon, but carefully.


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