Saturday, April 20, 2024

Prague & lube connoisseurs

Kristine and I arrived in Prague! We left our apartment in Budapest at 6:30 am and I finally got settled into my apartment here by around 4:30 pm. So a long travel day even though the actual flight time wasn't that far.

Kristine is in the Old Town and I'm not too far away in the New Town. I have a great setup here with double desks and 3 large monitors.

I can feel the streetcars rumbling past; it's a subtle, low vibration.

It's very cold here, colder than winters in Nice ever get. Brrrr! The workshop organizer lent me a warmer jacket. That should allow me to have a good wander all over town tomorrow...because both Kristine and I have the day off! Woohoo!

I think you will appreciate this hilarious messenger thread between me, Kristine, and David. Finding good lube is super important because the birth simulators don't work well with certain brands. Back in the US, we only buy one brand (Surgilube) after much trial and error. However, that doesn't exist in the EU. We're now connoisseurs and lube snobs 🙂


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