Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Egg wars, nails on doors, and deadlines

We finally got around to doing our egg wars. We still had several unfinished eggs but it was time to eat them! Here are pictuers of two of them: Northern Lights by Ivy and Time Vortex by Zari.

I started putting up the decorative nails on the door for Le Chateau. I now need to put them on the other side, then put up the huge iron door straps (authentic old ones salvaged from an old door), the cast iron lion's head door knocker, and the spy hole (whatever it's called, in French it's a "judas de porte").

Zari is stressing because it's the last day to finish university applications here and OF COURSE the entire site has been crashing since 10 pm. She has only been able to get 2 submitted. With only 30 minutes left before midnight, she just got on after trying for the past hour and a half. Cross our fingers that she can get the rest done before it crashes again!

I feel like I was underwater most of the day, working on the book and only surfacing briefly to eat and once to go on a walk with Eric. Ok, and to do some other things like hammer the nails in...and a bit of painting, too.


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