Friday, March 22, 2013

40 weeks pregnant

Time to come out, baby! I'm not going to evict you, but I'm ready whenever you are.

I'm pretty confident of which month I got pregnant, but I could be off my several days within that cycle. Since I likely conceived following an early miscarriage, I don't know exactly when to start counting the new cycle. I spotted for a week (when I would normally have had my period), then bled heavily for 9 more days. I'm counting my cycle as beginning when the heavy bleeding began--1 week "late" for my period. I also took a pregnancy test that day and it was negative...but of course it's an inexact science! I had a spot of bright red bleeding (implantation bleeding perhaps?) 19 days into my cycle, then 3 days of spotting starting at 28 days in. I confused this at first with a period, but retrospectively I don't think it was one.

All this meandering detail to say: I might be 40 weeks along...but I could be 39 and change or some other number close to 40. Not really sure!

I'm sleeping super well, and that has made a remarkable difference with this pregnancy compared to Inga's. I wake up about every hour to flip over, but I fall back asleep right away. I've also been taking naps most afternoons. I feel deliciously well-rested. With Inga I was going crazy with sleep deprivation the last two months.

So my Excel spreadsheet loving self made a graph of my fundal height and weight gain this pregnancy. You can clearly see the growth spurt in my 2nd trimester.

Here's the real-life belly:


  1. Keep going mommy! You can do it! Then again, I know you know that! :) Good luck! - Earth Mama Midwife

  2. Beautiful belly! I've been loving the silhouettes you've been posting, how lovely to see the changes of your pregnancy with this new baby. I'm 26 weeks myself and have a while to go before we see our second babe's face, but I'm eagerly looking forward to your birth story. Your calm confidence and the wealth of information here on this blog has been one of the instrumental factors in helping me to decide to have a home hyponobirth. Thank you!

  3. i absolutely love this silhouette! it's perfect! sending you birth blessings! (so exciting!!!!)

  4. You look great! I had the same issue - I got pregnant right after a miscarriage so I had to use the start of my miscarriage as the start of my cycle - it was weird. My son was then born exactly 39 weeks. I wish you all the best and a fantastic labor & delivery!


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