Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Infant scale recommendations

I have an infant scale sling customer looking for a good hanging scale for weighing newborns. She's willing to buy either a digital or mechanical scale. She tried this mechanical scale from In His Hands, but it failed on two points:
  • the hook was too small to hold both rings on the infant scale sling
  • it didn't zero out (tare) to account for the weight of the sling

I'd like recommendations for a good hanging scale that goes up to 12-15 lbs, shows increments of 2 oz or less, zeros out, and can hold a pair of aluminum rings. (The last thing is negotiable, since you could always attach a larger "S" hook or carabiner to the scale hook.)

Thanks for your help!

Red Bloom infant scale sling with red rings

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    I've used this scale now for decades and it is great. Matches perfectly with the slings. Used both the 15# and 12# design. I have not used the digital hanging scales but I'm sure they are easy. I appreciate the simplicity of these. The only annoyance is when I cannot weigh a baby that has gotten too big for the scale and that happens occasionally. They recalibrate easily and adjust to whatever sling weight your using.


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