Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pregnancy: Month 8

I'm trying to get the rest of my quilt squares posted soon, in case I go into labor and have a baby. I would have had Zari a week ago and Dio a day it could be any time. Of course I could have almost 2 weeks left if it were Inga.

For my 8th month of pregnancy, I created a quilt square with chevrons in roughly the same tones as my Blessingway invitation. This quilt will be made only with supplies I already have on hand. It's a great way to reduce my fabric stash. I named it "Blessingway."

Sewing chevrons is a pain. And even though I cut very long strips of fabric and kept a shallow angle, I barely was able to make the square big enough. I had a few other colors that were part of the original piece, but there was no room to include them on the top and bottom.

We picked up our car today. It took a lot longer than we had imagined. Poor kids were in the car(s) all day. They each got a huge balloon at the dealership, so that kept them content on the way home. Eric drove the Mazda5, and he says it definitely handles like a car rather than like a minivan. I believe the adjective he used to describe it was "zippy."

Buying this car was a real act of faith for me--faith that I am really, truly going to have a baby, hope that all will go well. It seems really audacious to imagine that I am really going to have another child! And who knows, maybe it will be quite soon. I've been having lots of crampiness and some decent, though irregular, contractions. Nothing like labor, but there's definitely stuff happening. 


  1. rixa, i have been following your blog for awhile and i just wanted to say that i wish you all of the best with your upcoming birth. i felt so sad reading that you felt a certain amount of pressure having a home birth feeling - as though some were waiting to pounce if everything didn't go perfectly. i hope those feelings have passed. i often read on my iphone while nursing and i have trouble commenting from there - but i just wanted to wish you a perfect, peaceful birth. many, many blessings!

  2. Hooray for a zippy car that everyone can ride in! Hoping everything goes smoothly over these next few weeks.

  3. like, Rachel, I.too have enjoyed following your blog!! Finding and satieting (sp?) my current quest for learning and soaking up homebirths experiences.

    Truly Rixa, I BELIEVE that YOU.have and ARE physically AND mentally ready. Game ON!!!

    Thru all your posts there is a core tenet of strength and Omniscience!

    As the paint has dried, the conference returned your huz home safe, your Blessingways for U & babe...have arrived, the new wheels are ready for Rixa et al Adventures, and the Birth pool is staged and waiting patiently.

    You are an AMAZINGLY STRONG woman, Rixa; strength in Mind and Strength in being, you Accomplish goals (birth quilt,) and seems to me you keep a glowing smile thru your days

    This upcoming equinox will draw energy and focus to a Gentle Birth as your wisdom, patience, creativity, and your overall Joy will be imparted unto you.

    Each time I hear the "Only Love" song by Ben Howard....i can vividly imagine you swaying/circlinh your hips to the rhythm of the song. It is a gorgeous song with simple and GROUNDING lyrics....just as your birth will proceed.


  4. Check out this fun easy way to sew a chevron quilt that my mom found!

  5. Hi Rixa - I have just been introduced to this self-healing technique and so far I am loving it! I am working on perfecting my personal practice with it and then I am going to introduce it into my midwifery practice. It may be something that can help you process at this stage in your pregnancy and through your life. The woman that introduced me to it uses it for her kids and it is amazing, a game changer for me. I am giving you this one link but there is tons of information available out there. My best to you for your birth and this transition to mother, may you be held.


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