Thursday, March 07, 2013

Living room tour

We painted our living room last Saturday--right in time for a party the next day, thrown for me by some women from my church. The original color was a peach-tan. Not my thing.

The hardest part of picking paint colors was the original green fireplace tile. I wasn't necessarily trying to match the tile, but a surprising number of colors definitely clashed with it. We ended up going with a new color last-minute that was a compromise for both of us...but we're liking it more and more. It's Sherwin Williams "Copen Blue" and is a medium-pale robin's egg blue, with a good amount of green.

I fell in love with this house as soon as I walked into the living room and saw the south-facing French doors. There's a matching set of French doors in the dining room on the north side of the house.

See the horrid garish yellow in the entry hall (through the door on the right)? I'm not opposed to yellow, but this is a harsh, greenish tone and must go. Any color ideas? I already have lots of blues & greens & grays in this house, so I'm wanting something different. It's a big space--more of a full room than entryway--and includes the main staircase. The trim is painted white.

I won't go into the details of how many paint samples we tried and Eric's last-minute bid at painting the living room a garish orangey-red (yes, really). I'm just so happy to have the room done. We have a set of 4 large black-and-white engravings to hang above the piano, plus a few other smaller things for the other walls. Oh, and I still need to repaint the radiators. But that's minor compared to what we've done already. The end is in sight!

This picture was taken at the piano looking into the library. You can see part of our gallery wall--still in progress!

"Before" color. Not horrible, but not amazing either.


  1. I'm so mad, I posted this big long comment from my phone and it didn't go through! Trying again...

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the living room color and it's a billion times better than the original! I can't wait to see what you do with wall art and how about some pillows on the sofas? I love the yummy brown leather but breaking it up with some color and texture would really finish things off!

    Plus, I love the blue of the gallery wall!

    Have you tried the color tool on Sherwin Williams' website? You can upload a picture and highlight the area where you'll paint to 'try on' a color that might work for the entry.

    But seriously, I love your house!!

  2. I would have fallen in love with those French doors too-- your house is lovely. Way to go painting all that-- the color is great!

  3. It looks fabulous! What a gorgeous house you have. I would love to see it sometime. You guys are amazing with all you do to all those houses. I am so impressed and more than a little jealous. Well done, cousin.

  4. Beautiful and such a restful feeling.

  5. I keep telling myself people with small kids don't have houses that look like houses and it's ok if mine has no style at all. You've proven me wrong.

  6. Where did you hide all the toys?!! ;-) I can never manage to not have toys all over the house (they're contained, but present).

  7. Do children live here? 0_o

  8. I'm not going to say toys and clutter never make it to the living room (and of course I cleaned up to take pictures), but we have a large playroom on the 3rd story where all the toys belong. The do drift down, but mostly they stay 2 floors up. The dark blue library room has a desk where the kids do drawing/coloring, so that's usually a mess of paper/glitter/crayons/stickers by the end of the day.

  9. I simply love your house, and what you've done with the colors. My suggestion for that yellow wall is to use a pale lavender. I think it will work with all of the colors you mentioned.

  10. Gorgeous room and I love the French doors. What about a pale buttery yellow for the hallway?


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