Thursday, March 28, 2013

Day 3 update

A few sneak peeks from the photographer:

Porn boobs and breastmilk poop arrived yesterday afternoon :)

I'd been editing the birth video--complete with captions, subtitles, and transitions--for the past two days. I hit "save movie" yesterday afternoon and the program crashed in the process of saving. I have to start all over now.

We still have no idea of what to name this baby. It's becoming a problem because I keep calling her Inga. Eric would like a French name, but many of them I don't like because English speakers will mangle the pronunciation and/or they sound too pretentious or too over-the-top-girly.

I'm helping this baby get used to being swaddled. She hated it at first, but she sleeps so much better at night in her "straightjacket." During the day she's free to move. We do skin-to-skin about half the time. I'd like to do more but haven't found a good clothing solution that keeps my shoulders & back warm and that can actually hold the baby in place if I need to move around. Any practical suggestions?


  1. Congratulations!!! I can't wait for the birth story:) For the skin to skin, if you're just around the house what about topless or a nursing bra with a moby wrap then a sweater for your shoulders and back?

  2. Congratulations another baby girl! You look AMAZING - most mothers look pretty happy after there baby arrives, but let's be honest, not GOOD. You look so beautiful.

    Can't wait for the video and other details. And best wishes with the naming process. = ) Caroline is French. ; ) Heheh.

  3. We named our daughter Elodie. I love it, but yes, most Americans think we just made it up. "It's an old name!" I try to tell them.

    Congratulations! Can't wait for the birth story!

  4. Congratulations, Rixa!!



  5. Esme? Slightly ruined by the vampire films but still beautiful. I would say that though, it's our daughter's name.

    In terms of skin to skin, if you have a nice wrap sling (I used a stretch one at the newborn stage but woven could work as easily if you have the fabric kicking about) you could still have 'her' skin to skin and then throw a cardigan over your back and shoulders.

  6. Annick? Mari? Hard for Anglos to mess those up!

  7. For skin to skin I always liked the sleepy wrap and then a cardigan or hoodie over it. Actually my favorite hoodie was big enough to zip over the baby in the wrap.

    I like Sabine or Elise or Esme

  8. Congrats Rixa! Can't wait to see the video!
    Ps, we are expecting and looking for a French name that will sound OK in English, and boy do I hear's hard!


    Always wanted one of these!

  10. You know those tops that aren't quite cardigans or shrugs...they're looser and have no buttons, and they're meant to be worn just hanging down on the sides? I really have no idea what they're called, but that has been postpartum uniform. it's very open in the front, but has enough fabric on the sides that I can kind of wrap it around like a blanket over baby when we're nursing lying down, and it definitely keeps my back and shoulders and arms warm.

  11. I've thought about a wrap + sweater over top, but I don't own (or particularly like) wraps.

    VNess, I just looked at the skin-to-skin t-shirt at Chimparoo--wow! That is exactly what I was looking for. I'm going to contact the manufacturer about testing one out.

  12. ohhh Rixa, you and Eric have & are raising & birthing sooooo AMAZINGLY, AWESOMELY, FANTASTICALLY!!!!! You rock Rixa Rixa!!!

    Seriously, I think you are sooo strong. Smart as,well be patient finding a name that suits your babe!!!!

    As for keeping warm...i have an idea!!! It is one of these has a slit for your head, covers your shoulders....geez, I dont know what they are called.

    Names!!! She is sure a ray of light,& POWERFUL entry to earthside!!!

    Elise (Eli Elli)
    Ceris (Cerí)
    Vivi (Vivien)

  13. Rixa, do you do placental encapsulation (or the like)?

    I sure love my girls' names: Indigo, Evangeline (Evie) and Iris

    1. Nope, I usually do placenta prints and then plant the placenta underneath a bush or tree. I just did the prints today, so the placenta is in the freezer awaiting its final burial place.

  14. I had a dream last night about your family and your daughter was already named and it was a very beautiful name! I kinda don't want to say what it was because what if I'm right? That'd be crazy! I was surprised because it was the longest name of all your kids. and it was beautiful!

  15. One of my daughter's PICU nurses the last few weeks is named Virginie. Of course, that's one that gets totally butchered by English speakers (like me, took a little while to remember how to pronounce it, but that was partially due to stress).

  16. Congrats, you will find a name.

    Have you seen this? It is a skin to skin shirt/carrier combo.

    1. No, I hadn't seen that either. It also looks like a great idea!

  17. Elodie and Noemi would be two of my suggestions. And I think you could not find a better namesake than the French-American artist Louise Bourgeois.

  18. My Francophile friends named their daughters Eva and Chloe, which I think are lovely and simple names. Chloe is especially a dear name to me, as she passed away at a very young age:
    Looking forward to hearing the name choice and reading about the birth!

  19. Ooohh, Noemi! I like that one! Vivienne too - I've always like that name. Whatever you end up choosing, I know it'll be perfect!!

  20. If either one of my babes had been a girl, they would have been named Camille--which I love in both English and French, but not the franglish equivalent of "Cammie".

    I also really like Manon, Mireille, Solange, and Claire.

  21. Renee?

    Maybe you could use a fleece vest somehow to keep warm??

  22. I just wanted to say congratulations and I'm looking forward to hearing her name and birth story!

  23. Congrats!

    I love the idea of those babywearing shirts (I was trying to find one I saw on my facebook newsfeed recently, but to no avail), but they didn't seem worth the money for how short a time I'd be able to use it, even with my peanut of a baby. I just wore a moby (cheap at a consignment store! I've never used them much after my kids were 12 or 15 lbs, but I really liked it for the newborn age/size) with no shirt underneath (or maybe a stretched out nursing tank to help manage leaking) and my flannel pajama shirt over top.

    Best of luck picking a name. Such a hard job! We changed our daughter's (middle name) less than 24 hours before her baby naming. I like Kate's suggestion, but I might be biased... ;-)

    1. Yeah, Mobys are awesome for that newborn stage. That thing has so much fabric you don't need a shirt underneath it and it was perfectly comfortable to wear with or without the baby.

  24. I don't usually share my daughter's name, but we've found it's a very versatile name. We're Swiss and Canadian, so we had to satisfy German, French, and English pronunciation. It may work for you. Her name is Estella. Other names we considered were Linnéa and Inés. Good luck on the naming. I find it very difficult.

  25. Here is a babywearing shirt available at Babies R Us.

  26. My niece is named Esme. I don't think my sister gets to many negative comments about it.

    Staying warm while babywearing: button down shirt worn open with your sling over it.

  27. My friend's daughter's middle name is Soleil. I love it. :)

  28. Congratulations :). She is beautiful. And if you haven't had enough name suggestions, I love Anouk and think it fits your requirements and the flavour of names in your family.

  29. You can go with Aimee Michelle, both pretty French. Not that I'm biased or anything. ;-) (I do pronounce it Ay-mee, not Ah-may.)

  30. Congrats! My older daughter is Corinne, which is french. But it does get mangled alot. Although we call her Coco anyway so not too much of a chance to mangle it....


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