Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Master bedroom tour

I've been in high gear getting house projects done before the baby arrives. Over Christmas break, we repainted the master bedroom. The "before" color was an awful gray/brown/olive green. It was really dark and drab, a non-color that sucked the life out of the room.

I wanted something really calm and soothing and fresh. I tried tons of greens, aiming for a shade that was not sage and not minty. Sherwin William's "Shagreen" ended up being the perfect color. It's even more vibrant in real life.

You can see into the master bathroom on the left. It has a large jacuzzi tub/shower, toilet, and sink.

I'm not necessarily set on using the duvet & curtains long-term. I made them when was desperate for something to cover the bed & windows (before we had blinds), and the fabric was discounted to only $2/yard. It's growing on me, though.

I love the light fixture. I bought the same one for our library downstairs. It used to be on Amazon for around $100, but I couldn't find it the last time I checked. The crib was $10 secondhand and has all of my birth supplies. You can see Dio's birth quilt on the antique rocking chair. I'm going to mount it in our upstairs hallway.

The birth pool will go along this large wall between the bedroom & closet doors. 

I bought an old frame at a thrift shop, took out the glass, and spray painted it white. A line of hooks across the top turned it into a necklace holder. The dresser is from an antique store in Iowa City, where I did my PhD. I bought the shalwar kameez and dupatta on Ebay years ago for $20. They're made of hand-embroidered silk. Back when I was an A-cup, I could just barely squeeze into the top. There's no way I can get into it now! It was a great Halloween costume or fun party outfit...

ps--I just found "before" pictures from the real estate listing.


  1. Lovely, Rixa! I need you to come decorate our house!

  2. What great work! It looks amazing. The perfect place to welcome a new baby too.


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