Thursday, November 02, 2006

Baby pictures: Nov 2nd

This girl loves being in the sling! When she isn't nursing or in the sling, she's on our chests. I'd say she spends about 5 minutes of every 24 hours not being held.

No names yet, but we've started to compile a list of ones we like. Stay tuned for updates...


  1. Oh my Goddess she is a sweet sweet baby!

    Way to go! You two made a perfect baby girl!

    Cannot wait to hear what you name her!

  2. Yeah, she is pretty perfect. She's come a loooong way and she has been supremely cute since the minute she was born.
    On a practical note: that sling is pretty spiffy too!
    Did you sew it Rixa, oh goddess of DIY-everything-including-birthin'-babies?


  3. oh she is so adorable! and she sure does love that sling! i love the idea of carrying her around in a sling and being so near her. how could you ever put such an adorable baby down?

    and please tell me you have a sling to match every outfit.

  4. Yes, I sewed the sling. It's a beautiful baktik fabric I bought at a market in France. I am definitely working on having a sling for every outfit. This baby will be in style wherever she goes!

  5. You just answered a question I've been dying to know. In my mind a baby should be held as much as possible. I bought my cousin a sling for her shower, hoping she will find it useful. I was so confused why she would want baby monitors, since she plans on cosleeping and my friend said, because you want to let the baby sleep in hte other room while you do chores. And it just didn't make since in my baby-wearing mindset. So I started to think maybe I had an unrealistic view.

    Again I'm glad to see that it is possible/practical to hold a child almost all the time.

    Thanks for writing, I'm enjoying reading.

    -violet_flames (from LJ)

  6. hi violet_flames. yes especially at first it's easy to wear the baby constantly. now that Zari is a little older she doesn't like being in the sling unless I'm moving around (cooking, doing dishes, sweeping etc). If I'm sitting down at the computer, she gets fussy and wants to be held in my arms. Go figure! If you're cosleeping, I agree that baby monitors are pretty useless. During the day I just lay her down in whatever room I'm in and go about my business. Babies sleep well when you're making a racket like vacuuming so it all works out.


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