Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Some Numbers

Weeks gestation (from known date of conception): 36
Pounds gained during pregnancy: 26
Pounds lost immediately after the birth: 13
Pounds lost at 4 weeks postpartum: 16
Day my milk came in: 2-5 (the colostrum started turning milky the evening of day 2, but my milk was not in full force until about day 5)
Days of postpartum bleeding: 8 or 9
Average length of a nursing session: 45 minutes
Average length between nursing: 3 hours
Time between Zari’s birth and the birth of the placenta: 2 ½ hours
Total length of labor: 10 hours
Length of pushing stage: 2 hours (or 3 if you include the hour of “nudging”)
Zari’s weight at birth: 7 lbs
Weight at 8 days: 6 lbs 14 oz
Weight at 19 days: 8 lbs
Zari’s length: 19 ½” (nurse’s 8-day measurement) or 20” (my measurement)
Duration of my “babymoon”: 11 days
Number of meals provided by church friends: 9


  1. Hi Rixa,
    I enjoyed these numbers a lot better than the ones you posted in your previous post!
    Sounds like you're both doing wonderfully.
    How in the world did you manage such 'textbook', or better, figures? LOL


  2. I'll attribute it to my smart baby! I guess she learned something with all of the reading I did when she was in the womb.


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