Sunday, November 19, 2006

Flying baby and other pictures

These pictures represent Zari's two main states of existence: zonked out or wide awake and wiggly.

Fly Zari, fly!


  1. Those rompers look completely snuggly and I can just smell that pretty baby....we are planning number three for conception sometime in January....we need an Air sign baby to complete our household, so a September birth would be optimal!! Just wanted to let you know...

    oh that baby!!

    (addicted to babies, I swear it-even if they aren't mine I love huffing them....I get to see my new second cousin Jovie thie Thursday...she is three months old already -and sadly not bfing anymore ;(- and I cannot wait to snuggle her!!!)

    take an extra whiff for all of us mamas who love the smell of babies!!

    gonna go huff my sleeping children

  2. Wow, I agree with Tasha. There is nothing like that baby smell.

    Rixa, your baby looks like a little you. Does she look just like your baby pictures, or is there some of Eric mixed in there, too. She is gorgeous.

  3. Sniffing....ahhhhh.

    We've looked at my baby pictures and I think she has a few similarities (especially the serious eyebrows) but frankly it's so hard to tell who she resembles at this point. I am wondering where she got her wicked widow's peak from.


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