Sunday, November 05, 2006

Vive le Canada!

This is Zari's first day in her cloth diapers. I have only finished sewing half of them, since I thought I had several more weeks left! They are still too big for her, even though they are supposed to fit 6-13 lbs. Oh well, we couldn't resist.

There are 4 main styles: red Canadian diapers with white flags & trim, white with red flags & trim, Dalmatian spots with black trim, and mint green with white trim.

The Canadian diapers were my husband's request, since he comes from the Great White North. We are working on her Canadian citizenship paperwork, so she will soon be a dual citizen.

The diapers are a modified Chloe Toes all-in-one pattern. The insides are made of hemp fleece, which is deliciously soft. I made a flap soaker, rather than sewing it inside, to cut down on drying time.


  1. Oooh, they look awesome!
    What is the outer, PUL? Where did you find the fabric?
    What a stylin' baby girl

  2. The outer layer is PUL. I appliqued the flags on, then put an extra hidden layer of PUL so the stitching wouldn't let leaks through. I got the PUL at I bought the hemp fleece from a fabric co-op. The prices are much less expensive than you'd normally pay. Are you thinking of making CD's for your upcoming baby?

  3. so cute! shell grow into them in no time.

    tabitha, not karl (dh)

  4. Excellent link!
    I am thinking, more like fantasizing, about making a full stash of aplix pocket diapers. I do have a friend who can give me sewing tutorials, but I don't have a machine. I've been trying to freecycle one for a year. We'll see. I watched my mom sew all my life growing up and never felt an inkling to do any myself... until cloth diapering innovations came into our lives :)


  5. I got my sewing machine at a thrift shop for $4. There was no power cord or foot pedal, but those are easy to buy. It works perfectly, except for the light and the electronic display (which doesn't matter anyway--it's just an extra feature). It was a real steal. But also a sad commentary on our throwaway culture.

    I bought my serger at a garage sale for $150 when I was in high school.
    It was well worth the money.

    Sewing diapers is very zen, as long as you work at your own pace.


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