Saturday, November 04, 2006

She has a name!

...and it is...

Zari Rose Freeze

Eric thought up Zari on his own after seeing the name Zariah. And it turns out it actually is a name--Arabic for "rose."

Interestingly enough, I made some placenta prints yesterday and they came out looking like a rose. So that sealed the deal for us. The brownish print on the right is made from the placenta's own blood. Then I rinsed it off and painted it with watercolors to make the print on the left and in the book.

We are going to plant a rose bush (and her placenta) in the spring.


  1. It is so amazing how loving the Lord is. He is so merciful to us in giving us guidance, hearing our prayers, and giving us assistance along the way. Thanks so much for sharing your birth experience, especially about receiving blessings from Eric and your own personal feelings. It amazes me how much He wants to give us joy and gives us small miracles!

    Zari birth story is so precious. Thanks for sharing so openly and giving some insight into her name. The tender mercies of the Lord are all around us, and I am so grateful for these experiences that open my eyes to the blessings we are given.

    This reminds me of Peter's birth and how blessed I felt for Jocelyn and that she was able to carry Peter full term (and a little bit over!). It was kind of scary knowing that the baby might be born early, and it was such a miraculous blessing to see him be born healthy. I know Heavenly Father hears our prayers and gives us these experiences to help us draw nearer to him.

    Okay, I should probably get back to work and stop crying now.


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  3. i love the idea of the placenta print, what are you thoughts on doing a print of the babies first bowel movement, maybe calling it a poop print...i think that would be cute.

    I love the name Zari, im glad to see its making a comeback, i heard it alot back in the 80's.

  4. It's a lovely thing and something I want to learn how to do for the woman that I birth with - what kind of paper?

    And ignore the trolls - they are never convinced of anything but they're narrow view of the world. For them, birth does not involve blood or body fluids or water or pain or nakedness or Woman in all her glory. I'll have to put photos of naked babes up on my blog to get me some trolls too ;).

  5. And I also wanted to say that my cat's name is Zaria and I love that people give their babes lovely names starting with Z. Or X ;).


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