Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Sobering News

The United States' cesarean rate has risen yet again to a record high of 30.2% in 2005, according to preliminary data from the CDC. Sigh....

I wish for the day when scalpels become almost obsolete in birth, and when we will look at the cesarean epidemic as a barbaric and tragic episode in the history of childbirth.


  1. I can't imagine why a woman would be willing to repeatedly undergo the knife to get her babies out. I have a good friend who is pregnant with her third child, and is already planning a c-section. She figures, "Hey, I've already done it twice. Why not again?"

    I find this very sad. The process of birth is so incredible, especially when it is entirely left alone. Why deprive yourself of such an amazing experience?


  2. After spending so much time and effort fighting medicalized and surgical childbirth, I find this news sad and upsetting, yet somehow I'm not even remotely surprised. Once I get past this birth and newborn stage I plan on becomming even more furious in my political efforts on this; it just makes me sick.


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