Friday, November 17, 2006

More pictures: cradles and baths

My mom is visiting us right now, and she brought a wooden cradle that my dad made for me when I was born. Zari sleeps in bed with us at night, but it is nice to have a place to put her when I am showering or running downstairs for a few minutes. I love having a handmade object that many generations will use.

My mom gave Zari her first kitchen sink bath the other day. I have memories of my mom doing this same thing with my sisters and brother.

Zari is more awake and alert every day.


  1. Oh that is so neat that you have the crib that dad made! And it is actually really nice looking. Zari is darling and has really beautiful eyes.


  2. She's so cute it actually made me cry, then again, that just happens lately. But she really is adorable.

  3. She's one good lookin' babe!!!

  4. That is a beautiful baby and a beautiful cradle.


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