Wednesday, June 03, 2020

French déconfinement day 24

7,069 steps

We spent the morning at the beaches past La Réserve restaurant, which we call Coco Beach. I'm not sure what the official name is. The kids played on the rocks, caught crabs, and explored the sea caves. Eric caught a cuttlefish. Dinner tomorrow! They watched several episodes of Absurd Planet and after dinner they played in the coulée verte while I went on a walk.

Tonight Ivy wrote in her journal, "Today was a boring day except going to Coco Beach and the coolé verte and watching Absurd Planet. Whatever." (her spelling)

May all my children's days be so boring.

Today's batch of sourdough turned out perfectly! The loaves did an overnight rise in the fridge and then sat at room temperature for 3 hours before baking. Mmmmm....

The large statue on the Place Masséna has acquired a mask that says "protégeons-nous" (let's protect each other).

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