Saturday, August 22, 2020

American ??? day 11

14,979 steps 

After breakfast we loaded up our car with landscaping tools and headed to one of our properties in town. (Well, 5 of us biked over and Eric drove the car.) It desperately needed weeding and trimming. In just 2 1/2 hours we had the whole thing done, thanks to all six of us working. It's amazing having children old enough to really help out. 

Now of course, there was plenty of bickering and dawdling. Sometimes one or more kids took off on their bikes, or played with worms, or built little structures to protect the worms. But overall they were great helpers. As a reward, I let them choose a treat. They voted for pizza and ice cream sandwiches. 

I finished Ivy's stitching project, spray painted a thrifted frame, and mounted it. She was so excited. Now she's planning a companion project "sky" to pair with "sea." She drew the fish and picked all the fabrics. I sewed everything because it was a bit too complex for her skill level. 

I found this little stained glass mirror at a thrift store, only it had an ugly frame. A little white spray paint made it look much better. This will go somewhere in Inga's room. 

When I went upstairs in the attic to work on Ivy's project, I saw this epic story on the chalkboard wall.


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