Wednesday, August 19, 2020

American ??? day 8

10,353 steps 

Last night we collapsed in bed shortly after 10 pm. So no update, sorry...just sleep! 

Zari and Dio won't have their school supplies until Friday, so they are putzing around the house, reading lots of books, and watching (aka interrupting) Ivy and Inga a lot. 

We have this crazy big house...and yet the kids all end up congregating in one place. Most often in my bedroom. 

I got my belly cast from Dio's pregnancy hung up. it only took 11 years! I put it off because I couldn't figure out how to mount it. I finally used epoxy to glue two D-ring picture hangers to the back, reinforced with several strands of cord going through the D-ring holes and epoxied as well. Those D-rings are not going ANYWHERE! 

My mom mailed me two molas that my grandma bought during her travels to Panama. They were unusual sizes and I wasn't sure what I could do with them. But I brought a measuring tape to a local thrift store and found two frames that fit them perfectly! One was horribly ugly and needed spray paint. The other worked as-is. Grand total: $5.30. Score! 

Yesterday I made 3 batches of 12-bean soup and 4 batches of hummus with dried garbanzo beans that I've had for way too long. Today I made chocolate chip cookies flavored with almond instead of vanilla and with raw cacao nibs as well as chocolate chips. I don't really like eating cookies but I did snitch some dough. 

Dio had a physical so he can play soccer with his school team. He's 94% for height (5' 1.5" or >156 cm) and 66% for weight. A bit of a string bean :) During lunch, he recounted how the PA examined his testicles during the exam. You can guess what happened next: 4 kids + any chance for potty humor = hilarious laughter and silliness!


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