Saturday, August 15, 2020

American ??? day 4

Okay, you HAVE to watch this video! Seriously, you will laugh so hard. Zari made it from start to finish: recording, editing, captioning. 

It's 7 minutes of Dio talking in his sleep. With subtitles. 7 minutes of awesome weird hilarity. 

Zari's description: 
This video is about my brother, Dio, sleep talking after we got back from France. We were all jetlagged from the plane so this was probably the cause for his unusually long sleep talking time. I recorded 17 minutes of his half an hour monologue, then shortened it down to 7 minutes of pure sleep talking. So, laugh out loud and enjoy! 

(This video was done by Zari Freeze, age 13, the oldest child in the family.)


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