Thursday, May 26, 2022

French apartment renovations, Day 519: Work, play, and practice

9,002 steps

Eric and Inga had an early start this morning for a day-long tournament in Nice. Inga played 8 games and her team won 2nd place.

I set to work sanding and priming the baseboards in Le Catamaran. Ivy and two vounteer helpers started stripping the Renaissance desk. I had a fun time listening to her chattering away with them.

I cut the "joue" (spacer) that goes between the washing machine and dishwasher. Our solid wood countertop is strong enough that we don't really need it for support, but we already planned for it so it needs to go there to avoid a large gap. I need to buy some L-brackets so I can attach it to the floor & underside of the countertop.

Here's a picture of the "cadre noeud marin" that we hung up. It has miniature demonstrations of all sorts of nautical knots. I should take a closeup picture.

And then! I forced all the kids to go to the beach with me, knowing they would enjoy it once we were there. Everyone swam, even Dio, for whom it was the first swim of the season.

I had a practice for another wedding: this time we're playing mainly Coldplay arrangements, with some Josh Groban, Ed Sheeran, and Justin Bieber. I love the state of flow I get into when I'm playing--I have to dedicate every neuron, every ounce of energy, to making music. It feels as if something else takes over my normal mental processes. I'm glad I gave up my plan of being a professional musician after my first year of university--playing my violin for fun, rather than for pay, is way better. 


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