Saturday, May 28, 2022

French apartment renovations, Day 521: Marathon wedding

7,282 steps, 552 km, & 6.5 hours on the road

I didn't realize how far away this wedding was--waaaaaay out in a chateau near Carpentras (in Provence), 3+ hours drive each way. For all the driving we did, the actual playing only took a bit over an hour. It was a bit chaotic as the wind would blow our music stands over and flip our pages. We had to weigh everything down with big water bottles and fasten the pages with clothespins.

This was a destination wedding for a German couple; all of the guests were staying at the chateau. I am always so intrested in getting these peeks into other people's lives, even if it's from behind my music stand.

We were in Provence, which is perpetually windy. It was much drier than in Nice, with a rushing wind blowing through the cedars and junipers, raising a sun-baked smell that is disctinct to that region.

I was gone from 10:30 am until 8:30 pm and am totally and utterly exhausted.

Eric was gone all afternoon and evening at Inga's soccer tournament (yes, another one!). They won the tournament and Inga scored a total of 6 goals in all of the games.

Dio had a special visit to the OGC Nice headquarters (the big professional soccer league here in Nice) and then they watched a match with the U17 team.

Zari and Ivy went to the beach together in the afternoon. Then around dinner time we started getting texts: "Hi mama, what are we supposed to eat?" I told them to make do with whatever leftovers they could find.

I need another Saturday to recover from this Saturday!


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