Saturday, July 02, 2022

French apartment renovations, Day 556: Family cleaning & Final football fête

We all slept in this morning. It's been an exhausting week and then we stayed up late watching a movie last night.

Then...time for a deep clean in the living room and kitchen. We do this every time we leave. But at least now all four kids are completely competent. This took a few hours and it's almost all done in these rooms. We've got to repeat the process in the rest of the apartment.

Later in the afternoon, we all went to an end-of-year party at Cavigal. They had friendly matches and activity stations for almost 2 hours, then a potluck dinner. I filmed a bit where all the kids and Eric were playing together. 

And then I got SO tired. I tried to stay awake but simply couldn't. So I laid on my side on the edge of the field and had a little nap.

I vaguely remember some kids coming over and asking, "Is she dead?"

"No, she's just sleeping."

The dinner had lots of Nicois specialties: pissaladière, mini pans bagnats, tarte aux blettes, savory beignets with various vegetables...

When we were done, I sent the kids home on the tram. Eric had to stay for cleanup and I needed to go grocery shopping.

My evening ended with a breech birth debrief.


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