Sunday, July 03, 2022

French apartment renovations, Day 557: Ivy vs. Jellyfish, round 3

14,217 steps

It's summer and it's hot and sunny. High of 30°C, lows around 23-24°. Very typical of July in Nice. I've noticed my walking pace is a bit slower in this heat.

We opened up all the windows in the main part of the apartment last night, so we were able to go all day without turning on the AC. We closed windows first thing in the morning and opened up again at dinnertime. We might go for a bit of comfort in our bedroom, though, and turn the AC on to 26 or 27. Our bed is near the ceiling and our bedroom doesn't ventilate as well as the living room, so it's usually a few degrees hotter where we sleep.

I've been making lists of all the cleaning and maintenance tasks, room by room. Only 9 more days before we head back to the States.

In the late afternoon, Ivy and I went to the beach. Eric had already been swimming for 2 hours and reported that there were no jellyfish. So guess what happened? Within 30 seconds, Ivy got stung and 2 minutes later a man I was swimming near got stung by a different jellyfish. It's never been like this in previous years. Maybe 1-2 days a year we saw jellyfish, but not for weeks on end.

So our swimming was very abbreviated. The crazy thing is there were tons of people in the water and no jellyfish flag. Maybe we just had terrible luck today.

We're having the youngest girls skip school tomorrow so our whole family can go to a water park. It's a place on the sea where they have big inflatable obstacle courses, so if you fall off, you fall into the water. Zari went last year and said it was very fun. Dio is inviting a friend and is SO excited. In his understated, monotone way.

The kids started a round of mega-games, trying to get through almost every card/board/activity game we had. I think they only made it through 3.


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