Monday, July 04, 2022

French apartment renovations, Day 558: In jail again

I'm in Facebook jail for posting something totally innocuous. I linked to one of Breech Without Borders' online training courses, something I've done all the time, and an auto-bot flagged it and put me in jail for a week (and banned me from all FB groups for a month!) I clicked on the link to contest it and it said "sorry, not working, try again later." 

So if you're on Facebook and reading this a week late, that's why. 

This morning our whole family went to AquaParc, a huge inflatable obstacle course on the water in the St. Laurent du Var port. Dio brought a friend, and there were about 20 other teenagers that came together as a group with Zari and Dio. Tons of fun. We stayed for 3 hours until our time was up. Eric and I were done about 2 hours in :) We're all tired and slightly sunburned. 

We don't have any pictures or videos because you had to swim out to the obstacle course so all you could bring was yourself. 

I ran errands all over town this afternoon: hardware store, first paint store, second paint store, appliance store. Then I did lots of little repair things until the evening. 


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