Friday, January 08, 2021

French renovations, day 18: Cleanup, then goodbye ceiling!

12,548 steps 

I am exhausted. We cleaned up in the morning, filling 100 trash bags with plaster debris. Then I stayed and demolished the rest of the ceiling (off-camera). The ceiling is now GONE! 

I'm already sick of clearing debris, but we have probably another 100 bags to fill tomorrow after this afternoon's demolition. Then, when the big dividing wall comes down, that will be many hundreds of bags. We're looking into trash removal companies as it's super slow to haul the bags away by hand, one by one. 

I finished after 3 pm. I haven't sat down yet; if I do, I worry that I'll fall asleep right away. My grip is also shot. I had to ask Eric to open the new mayonnaise jar. He laughed at me because apparently it was really easy to open, but I couldn't do it. 

I am so ready to sleep in tomorrow. We might go sledding up in the mountains. Inga's friend invited her to do wrestling because she needs another girl to practice with; the regulations don't allow girls and boys to wrestle together. 

We're trying to decide between wrestling and sledding. What a terrible dilemma 🙂


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