Friday, January 29, 2021

French renovations, Day 39: Lose 4 tons in 3 hours!

15,398 steps

Want to lose 4 tons in 3 hours? Just follow these 3 easy steps to a lighter life!
#1: Smash down all the walls & ceilings in your apartment
#2: Put all of the rubble into bags
#3: Carry it all down 2 flights of stairs.

Yeah, that's what we did today. We had so much that we had to fill the dump truck TWICE. The first load weighed 3 metric tons (6,600 lbs)!!!!!! The 2nd load was probably 1 ton, give or take. 

Fortunately, this time we had a big group of helpers--13 people including us. We had people from all over the world: US (me), Canada (Eric), France, Italy, Argentina, Peru, Turkey, Spain, Belgium, and at least one other country. We couldn't have done it without them, and I mean that in full sincerity. It was an enormous job.

After the first truck was filled, we took a break for snacks and drinks. Then everyone left and Eric and I did the second load ourselves. It wasn't too bad as all of the bags were already down by the front door. We just had to get them in the truck and emptied out. Then, of course, carry all the wood down.

Once Comrade drove away with the 2nd truckload, our work wasn't done! Nope! We had to clean up inside and out. We swept down the entire staircase and entry hall and all around in the street. Then we washed everything down by hand to get rid of the dust.

Tomorrow we'll clean and organize the front room.

I am tired. I'll probably have some sore muscles tomorrow.

After cleanup and lunch and showers, I baked 4 loaves of sourdough bread and went on a short walk while the bread was baking. Eric went to the park again, so I took care of dinner too.

I think I'd like to lie down and read a book. Except I'd fall asleep...that would be bad since it's not bedtime yet.


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