Tuesday, January 26, 2021

French renovations, Day 36: Darth Vader & daughter demolish the hallway ceiling

Zari didn't have class this morning, due to teachers' strikes. Vive la France! She helped me take down the hallway ceiling, which was composed of: a thin layer of plaster, 1" thick wooden boards, a medium layer of plaster, and a super thick layer of plaster. At least this all came loose easily!

The only thing remaining to demolish is the separating wall in the middle of the hallway. It's 3" of solid concrete and has plumbing embedded inside. Our main water shutoff is rusted shut, so now we have to replace the shutoff valve before we can destroy that wall. I doubt we can jackhammer the concrete without bursting a pipe!

Comrade is coming back on Friday with his dump truck. We have well over 400 bags of debris and another load of wood. Then...we start on the back room. We'll move all the tools & bikes into the front room once we clean up all the dust.

After that fun morning working with Zari, Eric and I went to the beach to read in the sun. I'm still working my way through Obama's recent memoir; I read about 1 chapter of his book and then 4-5 other books in between.

We all went to the park right after school. Dio didn't want to go. I had to literally force him out the door--toss his shoes into the hallway, nudge him out, and lock the door behind me. He was crying, "I just want to stay home!" He moped for a few minutes, then next I saw him, he was running around with siblings and enjoying himself. Sigh...


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