Sunday, January 24, 2021

French renovations, Day 34: Outdoor picnic in the sun

8,396 steps

Wow--sun again! The kids joined me on a walk from Cimiez down to our apartment. Then we hurried and made spicy crab sushi and chocolate chip cookies for a picnic at our friend's house (the ones who live up in the mountains about 20 km outside Nice).

Zari brought her telescope, which we still haven't used since Christmas. The rainy weather and 6 pm curfew keep getting in the way! So we figured out how to set it up and looked at distant mountains in lieu of the moon.

Zari also helped our friends pick kakis (persimmons). These aren't the small, bland American persimmons. They're as big as apples and have a brighter flavor. Our friends made a huge batch of persimmon habanero jam. Yum!

We brought some home to make fruit leather. I hope it turns out better this time. The batch I made in the States was still way too bland, even after adding lemon juice.

Then back home for a light dinner, piano practicing, talking to family members on the computer, and last-minute homework.

Zari drew Ivy today.

Ivy showed off her muscles again.


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