Tuesday, January 19, 2021

French renovations, Day 29: Goodbye, mezzanine!

9,105 steps

We suffered our first renovation casualty today: my finger. Aieee!!! I was prying some plaster loose with a hammer and somehow my finger got in the way. I predict that my fingernail will fall off soon as it's already crooked.

I called it a day after my injury. Still bleeding slowly many hours later...Zari calls it a zombie finger.

But, at least the mezzanine is all down!


Okay, those of you who are doctors or otherwise qualified to give medical advice: is there anything I should do for my poor finger besides wait until it heals?

Good news: Eric got his carte vitale (French health insurance)! Well, he got his final carte vitale *number*, which means the card itself will be coming soon. I'm still waiting for mine. The kids' application, which we sent back in July, got lost so I have to mail a new one in tomorrow.


  1. Vitamin C and zinc hasten wound healing. We use high dose in my house. Dr Suzanne Humpries high doses.

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    Ledum 12X or 6C, 3-4 times daily

    When we lived in Europe, these little blue bottles were at regular pharmacy

    Hypernicum for severe pain

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