Saturday, January 09, 2021

French renovations, Day 19: Cleanup!

I actually wrote another update and it got lost when I tried to post it. 

Yesterday I was NOT loving the cleanup. We've been doing it every day this week and I am starting to feel like Sisyphus. We bagged yet another 100 sacks of debris and now have at least 250 heavy bags that we have to deal with. 


I made several inquiries to debris removal companies. And then I also emailed the Communist Party person who sold us the apartment (the one who gave us a deal because he wanted the place to go to a family, not an investor). He said, "I have a dumpster truck and would be happy to help you!" He's going to call us today. We have to get authorization to park the dumpster on our street. 

 Inga had a wrestling lesson with her friend. Afterwards, she showed off her moves to Dio and Ivy.


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