Wednesday, January 27, 2021

French renovations, Day 37: Braces & soccer

10,633 steps

I had a good work morning (video editing). The afternoon was fast-faced. Eric took Inga and Ivy to soccer right after lunch, while I brought Zari and Dio to the orthodontist. This was our first visit, just a quick visual exam and a few photos.

Zari definitely needs braces, including some palate expansion. Dio is mostly fine, just some "petits défauts" so we won't do anything for the moment and we'll see how things are in a few years. Orthodontia is less expensive over here than in the States, but not as significantly different as I had hoped. Sigh...

Our carte vitale will cover a small amount (once it arrives) and if we manage to get a French mutuelle (additional health insurance) then that would reimburse a modest amount as well.

Zari ran off to soccer practice as soon as we were done, while Dio went to a friend's house. We're trying to find ways to let the kids socialize while not being I agreed that he could go if he wore a mask. Plus they had their windows open, which is probably even more important than masking.

It's hard to know where the proper boundaries are. I take covid-19 very seriously. I'm definitely not flippant or dismissive of it. Yet we all live in the real world, which is messy. For example, our kids go to school all is it unreasonable to let them play with one friend after school if they continue wearing masks indoors? I don't know...

Anyway, I dropped Dio off, then turned around and hopped on the tram to pick up Ivy from soccer. We did a quick grocery run at Aldi on the way home. I was SO hungry at that point as it was 2:45 pm and I hadn't eaten all day. Back home for a quick lunch, then Dio came home, changed, and we walked him up to soccer at the chateau. Ivy and I had an "adventure" and a nice walk around the chateau hill.

Dinner (green vegetable puree and tomates farcies), then 2 episodes of Blown Away, then bedtime for the littles. That was our day!

Oh, a friend of mine found this old photo from our first year in France (2014-15). Ivy and Dio are in the foreground and Inga is in the background.


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