Wednesday, January 20, 2021

French renovations, Day 30: Cleanup and ER visit

I slept terribly last night, thanks to my zombie finger. I finally decided to have it looked at this morning. Why? A) I'm a violinist and this finger is VERY important, B) I'm left-handed and I like being able to write and type with my dominant hand, and C) it really really hurt.

I had to remind myself that it's okay to see a doctor and even--gasp--go to the hospital. We're in France and even without insurance, healthcare is incredibly affordable. So off I went to the emergency room at the large university hospital.

(Why the ER? My family doctor didn't have any openings until next week, plus she doesn't have an x-ray machine in her office.)

So...just for fun, let's play a guessing game called "Rixa at the ER"

Question #1: How long did Rixa's ER visit take, from walking in the doors to walking back out? Some of the things Rixa did while in the ER:
  • checked in at the front desk and took a number
  • waited for her number to be called
  • checked in at the nurse's desk and filled out all of the necessary paperwork and explained what happened
  • walked to the trauma department and waited to be shown into a room
  • was examined by a resident ("interne") and a medical student (they both looked like they were in HIGH SCHOOL!! Well, okay, maybe undergraduate...but still...)
  • sent to the radiology department for x-rays
  • went back to the exam room and waited for the x-ray results
  • discussed the x-ray results (good news: no fractures!)
  • had a supervising doctor poke holes into her fingernail to drain the blood
  • got bandaged up
  • went to the checkout desk for pain medication prescriptions (which Rixa doesn't need) and paid the bill
Question #2: What did the ER visit cost? (Remember, we are paying out of pocket at the moment as we still haven't received our medical insurance cards).

While I was having my ER adventure, Eric, Ivy, and Inga played a round of Skull King and then bagged rubble. They worked through about 1/3 of the remaining pile. I think we'll get everything bagged by this weekend. Then we have to haul everything down and out again!


This afternoon was filled with soccer pickups and dropoffs. I love that we can easily hop on the tram to get the girls to Cavigal, and Dio's is just up at the chateau.

During dinner we watched the US presidential inauguration. My favorite part was the poet laureate Amanda Gorman (Zari says "Yes, me too!") It's so refreshing to see values that matter to me laid out from the very start: compassion, diversity, inclusion, respect, empathy, environmentalism. And it wasn't just in Biden's words--it showed in every aspect of the inauguration ceremonies, from yesterday's Covid-19 memorial to the diversity of prayers/poems/speakers/presenters/artists.

My finger still hurts, but not nearly as much as it did before my hospital visit. I tried draining more blood when I got home, but the holes had already dried up. I don't have the guts to poke through my own fingernail.

Oh, during my hospital visit, the supervising doctor said, "I'm going to poke two holes into your nail." He explained to the intern and student why two holes worked better (one hole to let the blood out, the other to let air in, much like having two holes in a milk carton helps the liquid empty better). But then he proceeded to poke not 2, not 3, not 4, but FIVE holes in my fingernail! Aie!


  1. Ooooh, I want to play! I will say it took less than 3 hours and cost 50€.

  2. Ouch! Glad you're feeling better.

    Is there a separate ER entrance for covid patients?

    250 Euro, 2 hours


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